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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gluttonous Bee

I would like to introduce you to our gluttonous bee. I took this picture about 1.5 months ago when our garden was a happy garden. It was healthy and full of squash blossoms each morning.'s a sad pest-filled garden, but...that's another story.

This is our cute and fuzzy gluttonous bee. Granted, we had a ton of bees at the time but this guy was different.
He spent several minutes inside of this flower and then moved to another. He was COVERED in pollen. He tried to fly away but kept sinking as he flew. I KID YOU NOT!
He finally gave up and landed on this leaf.
He then proceeded to rub off some of the pollen from his hind legs. You can see some of the pollen in the picture, as well as his legs at work.
Liftoff!!! I tried to get video of him flying off but it didn't come out. He looked like a drunk bee as he flew off. He kind of went side to side whilst dipping down a few inches from the weight of the pollen.