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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Group Date

I thought that I would post a few pictures from our group date the other night. We had dinner at a church activity this past Saturday. The overall theme for the evening was about service to others. Here are a few pictures from our table. 
Erika with me smilin' purty

Jason and Mara

Dallen and Erika

Only in Branson

Only in Branson will you find such honest people. I observed this the first week that I moved here, seven years ago. Adam and I were at the Tanger Outlet Mall in the customer service office. A man came in asking if anyone had turned in a wallet. Sure enough, someone turned it in, complete with $100 bills! WOW!

I was the beneficiary of this Branson honesty last weekend.

After the aforementioned group date night, Adam and and I went to Home Depot to pick out our garden plants. As per usual....this took a little while. When we were finished I went to the Wal-mart Supercenter across the street. I must have been really tired. Apparently I left my wallet at the check-out stand. DOH! I didn't notice this until two days had passed. I was going to get an estimate on a frame and could not for the life of me find my wallet. I searched my car several times, ugh. This takes a bit of time because it tends to accumulate things throughout the week. It took me a few minutes to remember when I last used my wallet. I finally decided to call Wal-mart juuuuuust in case. After being on hold for literally 25 minutes, they told me it was there. Phew! The manager knew exactly who I was because...well.....I go there a lot. Well, that and the fact that there really aren't THAT many Chinese people living in Branson.

Oh, all of my money and cards were still inside. =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

USA Today - Branson Airport Article

I thought I would post this link to the USA Today article on the Branson Airport. We also have a small mention in the article.

Branson Airport Opening

Yay! Branson finally has it's own airport. The closest airport has been an hour away and the rates have been awful! The Branson Airport is privately owned and the rates rock!

Our family was invited to take the first flight out of Branson. Wahooo! The Brothers got to sing a few songs and we even made the evening news on a few stations out here. This is a clip from KY3, the local NBC Syndicate. I'm the dork taking a picture, wearing my Livestrong band, of course. I am also in the background pulling my red shirt down. LOL

Friday, May 8, 2009

My new computer

Well, I finally did it....I finally bought a Mac computer again. I was in need of a new computer because mine has been slowly dying. I am a die-hard PC person. I have had an iMac before, one of those alien purple pod looking things. I absolutely hated the operating system. Easy to operate...yeah right! I know the ins and outs of a PC. I know where to find things and how to fix things. Macs? Not so much.

So...Adam and I were price shopping online and the best deal was an iMac. *sigh. With all of the rebates and offers that we got online, we couldn't pass it up. I have warned Adam that he better hope that I love my new computer because if I hate the Mac, he will NEVER live it down. Oh, in case you aren't aware, Adam is a die-hard Mac person. Honestly, the man should be getting a kick back from the company because he talks them up so much. He has sold a lot of Macs to people because of his knowledge and love for the brand.

Here is a picture of all the new stuff that my lovely FedEx and UPS men brought me. Yes, you do see Six mice in the picture. The five mice that are lined up were free. Each one of them has a $20 rebate. Wahooo! Free $100 right there. We are giving the mice to the theatre for them to use in the offices. The majority of the other programs had full rebates on them too.

So far I am not loving the Parallels program. It's doing something funky with my AOL and is starting to annoy me. Granted, it was a free program but STILL, it should work. Grrrrr
I am liking the speed for little things like playing Farmtown on Facebook. YES, it is a stupid game but I LIKE IT! The entire game is Flash and is much easier to play on the iMac...the 24" screen doesn't hurt either.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter 2009

It rained this year on Easter Sunday so the Easter Egg Hunt had to be inside. Adam hid my eggs downstairs and I hid his upstairs. It was fun trying to find the eggs around the house. I'm a tad competitive so I think I did a better job of hiding them and finding them. =)
Adam had the hardest time finding the ones in the kitchen. He literally looked right at them and didn't see them. Hehe.

Silver Dollar City

Wow, it's been a month since I have posted anything. A lot has happened so I will try to catch things up this weekend. For now I will post a few pictures from Silver Dollar City. I am only posting a few on here. For my friends on facebook, I am posting more in my albums.

For those of you who aren't familiar with SDC, it is the main amusement park in Branson. It has an "old-time" feel about it. Adam and I usually try and go at least once a year, normally at Christmas-time, to see the lights and have the Mint Hot Chocolate. Yummm. They also have GREAT bread at the bakeries and lots and lots of food. Oh, another great thing? We get in free. YES!

Throughout the year there are festivals going on. The first one of the season is always International World Fest. They have performers from all over the world performing in the various theatres around the park, as well as a lot of yummy food. Mmmmmm. Can you tell I'm hungry as I am posting this?

This year we went with the Wagners. They are a family that the brothers met while on tour in California....I think. They came out for a few weeks for a family vacation and a few of us went to SDC. It was a beautiful day and there were no crowds because we went in the middle of the week. Ya gotta love that. The longest line for a ride was about 10 minutes. Wahoo

Waiting in line with Mara and Tobler for the Lost River Ride

There were 4 baby groundhogs right next to the line for the log ride. Awwww