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Friday, November 7, 2008

Change in the weather

Winter weather is finally here in Branson. Two days ago it was almost 80 degrees and this morning it was in the 40s with a nice little wind chill. Now, normally this is fine. I just put on jeans and a few layers and all is well in the world. When there is a morning show with a lot of coaches coming, that all changes. When we have coaches ( buses full of tourist/customers), I have the lovely privilege of helping to greet and seat them in our theatre. U huh, sarcasm. Because I am out there until the show starts, I need to dress in my opener costume...dress, puffy slip, knee brace and fishnet tights ( remember the weird bruise?)...not very warm. Here is a picture from this morning. I was trying to hide behind a car to help buffer the wind. This works much better when there is a van in the near vicinity. Did I mention the coach driver that was laughing at me?

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