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Monday, March 2, 2009

Object of Joy Part 1

Today I received my new object of joy, this BEAUTIFUL signed jersey. For those of you that aren't familiar with Liquigas, it's a cycling team from Italy. This jersey was signed while at the Tour of California this year. The riders on the team were: Ivan Basso, Kjell Carlstrom, Francesco Chicchi, Daniel Oss, Jacopo Guarnieri, Vincenzo Nibali, Brian Vandborg, and Alessandro Vanotti. Thanks to Rory for helping me out on this one.

I was pretty bummed that once again, I would be missing the Tour of California. Of course they started the ToC AFTER I moved. What's up with that? I was even more disappointed because a few days before the ToC started, I found out that the Tour of Missouri isn't going through Branson this year. BOOO I don't get to help organize the Branson leg of the ToM, the thing I have looked forward to for the past two years. That also means I don't get to see the riders/teams AND that my trying to learn Italian is pointless (seeing as there aren't any Italians out here).

The ToC was a great race this year. The crowds were INSANE! I suppose part of me was a little relieved that I didn't have to deal with those crowds. I don't like when people walk right through tends to tick me off. I loved watching it on the VS channel each day and reading the different blogs and seeing the pictures. It helped me keep up with things and I didn't feel like I was missing as much, or so I kept telling myself.

That being said, the jersey wipes all of my complaining away. =) Now I just need to figure out a good way to frame it. I have found a few great ideas but they are pretty spendy.

Here's a pic with me wearing it. YEP, I know it's a tad huge but that's ok....I won't be wearing it, just framing it. Wahooo


Rob said...

hi Vikki - just found your blog by way of Twitter, and I am **totally** jealous of your super cool Liquigas jersey. Have you been following the Giro so far? The Stage 3 finish yesterday was really exciting, can't wait to see today's stage.

Rob in Hawaii

Vikki said...

I've been trying to watch online when I am not in a show. I wish it was on TV where I live. It's killing me not being able to see the beautiful Italian Countryside! Did you see my pics from Tour of Missouri 2008? More Liquigas pics there. =)