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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chewie and the Squirrel

Yes, it's time for a few more pictures of Chewie and his antics. Every year there is a squirrel that likes to tease Chewie. He gets right next to the window and looks him in the eye. The little stinker knows that Chewie is stuck indoors and takes full advantage of that little fact.

This year the squirrel has been sitting in my pots and attacking the birdseed bags on our deck. There are also a couple of chipmunks that have joined in the fun this year. Oh yay. It IS pretty funny because the squirrels keep ganging up on the chipmunks. They are constantly chasing each other off. I followed one of the chipmunks the other day to try and figure out how far he is traveling to our deck. I followed him around to the front of our house, up the driveway, across the street and up the hill of our neighbor's house. His cheeks were packed pretty full when I saw him last. I'll need to take a few pics of those guys next.