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Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/6/2011 Garden Update

We have finally started to plant things in our garden this year. YAY! It all started with my stalking Starbuck's for their coffee grounds. I now have a nice supply to use for our garden this year. I'm hoping that it will help boost our plants this year. We can't make our own compost in Pointe Royale so I am mixing the Coffee grounds with egg shells in 2 small tubs to later use as fertilizer. Mushroom Compost is still our staple that we use for our squash and tomato plants.
As some of you have heard, we had several major storms in our area, which caused a lot of flooding. The second bed in the picture is the one that has our spinach and lettuce. We lost a lot of the spinach and 5 out of 6 of my cabbage plants. Grrrrr
This is the size of the remaining spinach plants as of now. I'm hoping that they will start taking off now that the sun is finally coming out.
Here is a picture of the Mizuna lettuce. It is doing great! This has a slightly bitter taste so I'm not quite sure how we will be using it. I got this as a sample seed and decided to plant it to see how well it would grow. AMAZING how easy it is to grow.
So...this is how the sugar snap peas and the snow peas looked after a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the rabbits decided to snack on half of the plants. A lot of the plants were eaten down to the ground. I don't think those ones are going to make it. We have since put up chicken wire around the outside of the plants to keep them out.

SO...the plan was to plant everything from seed this year, including the tomatoes. However, the tomatoes will be from Home Depot this year. The seedlings were doing great. Granted, I was 2 weeks behind schedule....but they were growing well. Too bad Kahlan decided that she wanted to taste them. As you can see, she decimated them all. Argggg. Not cool.
This is the Rocky Top Salad Mix. I am loving the variety in this packet. I think we will be harvesting this in the next couple of weeks.
This was a nice surprise that I found today. Apparently my basil seeded from last year! So far the biggest leaves are almost 1/4 inch.

We are planting the tomatoes, squash and herbs tomorrow.

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Charlotte said...

Fabulous that despite the rain (and rabbits) that it is hanging in there! No garden for us this year, last year's only did minimally good and we are in such a severe drought now, with water restrictions - that I figured it would die for sure!