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Saturday, September 13, 2008

About Me

I suppose I should start off the blog with a little about me. Makes sense, right? I'll just give a brief overview and go into more detail when I am struggling for a topic later on.

I grew up in Southern California across from the cliffs in Palos Verdes Estates. LOVE. IT. THERE. I really was lucky to grow up so close to the ocean. I was the typical Chinese child taking piano, tap, jazz, ballet, tennis and voice lessons. ALL Chinese children MUST be over-achievers and given all of the things our parents lacked in their childhood. (If you are Asian you know what I mean. ) I only had one brother growing up, William, who is 15 years older than I am...and no, I was not a mistake!
I played tennis until around 1987, when I broke my femur in a motorcycle accident, the summer before freshman year in high school. After my accident I decided to quit playing tennis because I wasn't recuperating fast enough for my liking. I am very competitive and hard on myself BTW.

In high school I was active in drama and dance mainly. After graduating I went to UC Irvine and studied Environmental Law and then I studied 3d media Art at CSU Long Beach. Oh, after Irvine I had some fun health problems and had to move home for a year. THAT was fun.
After school I worked as an Executive Assistant at PC Liquidator and eventually got married and moved to Branson. More on that later.

Now I live in Branson, Mo and perform in our theatre, The Hughes American Family Theatre. We have a show with the entire family...5 brothers, 5 wives and 25 kids. There are also a few adopted kids that are in the show and dad joins in for the Christmas Show. For now we have no kids but we DO have 2 very spoiled kitties, Tigger and Chewie. Because there is Oh So Much to do out here, I sell products for Close to My Heart and Watkins. I have also been involved with the Tour of Missouri for the past 2 years.

As for interests, I have quite a few. The main ones are reading, cycling, my TiVo, catching up with friends, napping, photography, scrapbooking and cooking. Hopefully blogging will be added to that list very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! A fellow napper! I HAVE to take a nap every day. It is my way to make it through teaching piano lessons all afternoon and evening.