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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sony 700 Reader Review

Well....I've now had my new Sony 700 reader for about two weeks and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm always wishing I could create my own "thing" by mixing and matching features from different items to make THE PERFECT product.

The Sony 700 IS pretty cool. It has a touch screen that works similarly to the iPhone. The only difference is the fact that it isn't quite as sensitive and needs a tad more pressure. I like the fact that they did away with that ugly wheel button thingy. Yes, that is the technical term , "wheel button thingy". The smaller buttons are more convenient and look much better.

My favorite feature is the light. VERY COOL. It's great for reading late at night or in my car during my show. Because of the light and the new technology, the reader is twice as thick and twice as heavy. BOO!

The thing that is driving me insane and I that literally HATE is the glare. Ugh...huge glare on the screen that is virtually impossible to avoid. I have to keep tilting the screen to stop the glare. I think it is due to the fact that the glass is raised, in a shadow box type of way, so that the light can be used. *sigh* Honestly, I don't use my reader as much because of it. You can literally see your reflection in it and you just can't avoid being blinded.

My perfect reader would be as light as the Cybook, be able to read both PDF AND Mobipocket formats, have a light and touch screen and the look of the new Sony 700, OH... and would have NO GLARE!!!

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