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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double Rainbow!

On March 27th, 2010, I saw the coolest thing.....I double rainbow. A COMPLETE double rainbow. I was at Countrymart doing my grocery shopping on a rainy day. I was pulling out of my parking spot when I noticed a rainbow. I thought, "How pretty" and continued to pull out. I drove a few more yards and saw that it was a complete rainbow. VERY COOL. I normally just see a partial one but this was the entire arch. It was a warm day so, as per usual, I had no shoes on....I keep flip-flops in my car at all times. I saw that there weren't a lot of people so I pulled to the side of the store and hopped out with my camera. Because the rainbow was large I had to keep backing up. Now, you can imagine the looks I was getting as I was running barefoot in a parking in hand. I STILL couldn't fit it all in so someone said to run up the aisle. I yelled back that my car was still running and he said he would watch it. SO....because I'm used to being out here, I run up the aisle to take a few shots. Two things popped into my head as I was doing this....1) WOAH! a DOUBLE FULL RAINBOW!!! I didn't notice until this point that there were now TWO rainbows. The sun came out a bit and lit up a second rainbow. 2) A stranger is watching my car, with the engine running, and I am running in the OPPOSITE direction away from my car. Ummm, yeah, that would never happen in California!

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