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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Visit

My family came out during the first week of May. (My mom took the picture above so she's missing ) Normally it is just my parents that visit, which is only slightly stressful as far as cleaning things up. They stay in the upstairs guest room so we don't have to worry about the bottom floor. This time my brother's family was coming also. This meant that they would be staying in the guest room downstairs and that we had a lot of things to do! The last time they came to visit was about 2 years ago. Due to our schedule...the show, rehearsals, church, life, etc......we still had unfinished projects from their last visit. Oops! I still had a lot of boxes that we had gone through and stacked neatly a few years now it was time to go through those again. We got rid of all of the boxes and gave away a ton of stuff. This included a sleep number bed, bread maker, sheet and comforter sets and much more. Our trash man probably hated us for those 2 weeks prior. Both weeks we filled our huge blue can, 2 green cans, stacked boxes next to those and also added to our neighbors cans.

Now, the cleaning and completing the guest room and guest bath was enough with our schedule, however, I had a fun conversation with my brother a week before they got here. He mentioned that his pond and my parents' were going great. (In my mind," We need to finish our pond before they get here. ( This has been ongoing since someone ruined ours. It hasn't been working for several years but it looked like we were finishing it by April. )) He then asked about the garden and I told him that we hadn't gotten around to planting it yet. (Need to at least clean up the grow boxes in time for their visit) THEN he says," I can't wait to watch movies in your theater room." AHHHHHH So, that is something we started when they were out here last time. Since then we had gotten the wood molding up but still needed to sand it,stain it, get a screen, a projector, blu-ray player and also get an electrician to help run a line to the room. AHHHHHH
We did finish it the day before they got here. Our seating is comprised of 2 futon couches (creating a place for my nephew to sleep) from when I lived in California and a couch that Chewie tagged a few years back. Other than that we have a bunch of floor pillows and a fuzzy rug. I will post pics of the room in a different blog. In addition to that room I also did a major job on my scrapbooking room. Tons of stress before they got here but I am so glad that it is all done now...for the most part.

We did a family photo shoot while they were out here. Unfortunately my other nephew couldn't make it. =( I will post pics from that shoot in another blog.
Kevin isn't taller than me...yet!He's getting close though Grrrrrr
That's our new pond. I will try to post pics of all the work that lead up to the finished product.

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