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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I won 2 cheesecakes from Earth Cafe!!!!!

I am so incredibly thrilled!!! I entered a contest last week, trying to win a cheesecake from Earth Cafe. I was so excited when I read about these cakes. They look amazing! Healthy AND yummy, ya can't beat that! Of course, I did not win that contest. I looked at the possibility of ordering one but was a tad hesitant because of the shipping cost. The next day I saw another contest giving away TWO cheesecakes. I decided to enter and wait to see if I could possibly win this contest. If not I would place an order myself. Well.....I just found out that I won!!!!! Thanks so much Shoni!!!

Here is the wonderful announcement. Wahoooo, I can NOT wait! Now I need to choose 2 cheesecakes. Hmmmmmm

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