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Monday, October 11, 2010

My new Chainsaw Sculptures

For the past two years I have gone to the Loghoggers Chainsaw Sculpting Competition at the Titanic Museum. I am truly in awe at what the artists can do with a log and a chainsaw. The art that they create is nothing short of amazing! At the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday they auction off the pieces that were created that day. Me? I love a good auction. =)
I bought this Eagle last year and I absolutely LOVE it! It was made by Joe Hintz and is somewhere around 250 to 300 pounds of solid Black Walnut. It is one of the first things that you see when you enter our house and has gotten countless comments. Thanks Joe!
Me with Joe at this year's event. I talked to him and am hoping he will have time to work on the eagle a little more the next time he comes through Branson. He mentioned that he didn't get a chance to finish the piece to his liking and would be willing to work on it again. YAY! If you're reading this Joe, I'm holding you to it! =)
Another one of Joe's pieces...
...and another.
This year I decided to bid on a turtle. At the moment it is in the garage airing out. The wood and stain needs to wear off a tad before it can come into the house. Last year the eagle took a couple of months to air out weighed too much for us to move it. This turtle was made by Steven Higgins.
This is Steve with his Fiance, Gabrielle. I believe they are getting married in five weeks....yay!
I tried winning these two turtles the previous day but I lost. BOO. Aren't his turtles great?
I almost bid on these owls last year...
...and this cute bear.

I added links to Joe's and Steve's websites so take a peek if you get a chance. I'm sure you will be impressed with the things that they create. Chainsaws people! They do this with chainsaws!!
I'm already looking forward to next year's competition.

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