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Saturday, June 4, 2011

6/1/2011 Garden Update

This is a view of our backyard facing our house. The upper deck that you see in the distance is where I normally stand to take several pics of our garden.
Our tomatoes are doing fairly well. Some of them are doing great however, some of them have been attacked by aphids this year. A couple of plants may need to be replaced because they may not come back. =(
This is a picture of the Rocky Top Salad Mix. I tried to see if I could find a list of the various lettuces that are in the mix but couldn't find one. All I know looks pretty cool in person. I love the different colors and textures. Hopefully this mix will taste as good as it looks.
On the left is the spinach. It is slowly starting to bolt because the weather is going up. I have already put 1 pound in the freezer and am planning on doing the rest in the following week. I think the spinach from our garden will be great with our tomatoes in a lasagna this summer.

On the right is the Red Romaine, onion dividers, scalloped squashes and the Rocky Top Mix.
We purchased 4 more whisky barrels for our deck this year. I am trying strawberries and cucumbers for the first time, as well as 4 tomatoes. The small pots in the back have my herbs: Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Cilantro and something else I can't think of at the moment.
A close-up of the snow peas. If you look closely, there are sugar snap peas in the back.
The arched trellis we made for the peas. I am waiting for these to die so that I can plant my beans. The snow peas are already on their way out due to the high temps we have been having.
Butternut Squash and Blue Hubbard
We transplanted the cabbage into pots because they were in the way of the other things we planted.
This is a close-up of one of the scallop squashes.

We planted zucchini in our pots this year. Hopefully these ones won't be attacked by borers this year.
More squash on the side of the house.
We have a few bean plants coming back from last year. Unfortunately there is squash planted there so....we may need to pull them out.
I thought I would include a picture of our hostas in the front yard. They are HUGE! We keep forgetting to separate them each year so they are a bit bunched up.

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