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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soundcheck for Dudu Fisher's Jerusalem

Tuesday I had the honor of attending Dudu Fisher's Soundcheck. When I say "honor", I MEAN honor. He was amazing! If you missed how this came about, click here.

I have never had a chance to go inside the Tri-Lakes Center. WOWZA! Huge theatre! I got there while the band was still setting up their sound. It was definitely a different experience than with our show. Our show's soundchecks are usually a tad louder with a stray child running across the stage, a diaper change, crying baby, etc. =)

Adam was able to join me after the actual sound check started. I was blown away by Dudu's voice. I have only heard his CDs and seen videos so I wasn't completely prepared to hear his voice in person. You know how you can listen to a CD and then you see someone in person and they don't sound quite a good due to editing? NOT the case here. His voice has even more power and emotion in person....and the singing? Spot on. I am hoping that he will be coming back to Branson so that I can see the actual show because I know he had to hold back since he was performing a show right after the sound check. If I was already impressed by what I heard...those high notes are bound to be fantastic!

Adam's parents were able to attend the show and they absolutely loved it. They were moved by his voice and the show. The stories that were shared in the show really added to the show. They said that Dudu had people literally dancing in the aisles at one point. Her favorite "tee hee" moment was when he explained his nickname and how he got it. For those of you that saw the show, it was the comment that the little girl made. I told her that I've always wanted to see him perform "Bring Him Home" in person (they didn't get to that song during the sound check). She loved the way Dudu introduced the song and tied it into his show. I have heard from several people that there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. *sigh* Someday I will hear it. =)
They were shocked when he was thanking all of his staff, family, friends and those that helped him with the show because...well, after those thank yous he thanked our family and introduced the two of them. They weren't expecting that. HA!

I want to thank Dudu and Ilan for giving me the opportunity to come to the soundcheck....again. I will never forget that experience. Thank you also for being so kind and generous. Best Wishes to the both of you and your families.

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