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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watermelon Harvest of 2011

Our watermelon harvest wasn't quite as impressive this year when compared to past years. We were hoping to have our usual 30-40 pound melons didn't happen. I believe it was due to the insanely hot weather that we had this summer. The vines just kept withering and the fruit just didn't grow as large. On average these melons weighed between 15-20 pounds. =(
Unfortunately, they weren't as sweet either. Normally, about 1 week before we harvest, we stop watering so that the sugars can store up, thus making the melon sweeter. I tried doing that for 1 day but the vines started dying from the heat. Some of them could have used a few more days on the vine but we wanted to pick all of them because some of them had literally split open from the heat. Ah well.....hopefully next year will be better.
Check out our huge hostas in the background.
Sad little watermelons
Prepping the fruit to pass out to the family
Jason and Mara's family
Ryan and Carina's kids
Andy and Becky's kids
Marty with the kids (Cindy took the pic)

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