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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas kitty

Tigger loves sitting under our decorated trees. We have three this
year. This is the medium sized tree that is next to the front door.
The gifts under this tree are the ones that we give out. It's so much
easier having a separate tree so that there is no need to dig through
all of the presents.


~athena~ said...

So beautiful! Are your trees themed?

Vikki said...

Our main tree is mostly red and gold. It's bigger, has more lights and is loaded wtih ornaments and the such. We haven't been able to find a big enough skirt so the gifts that we give away go under that blue and silver tree. We also have a teeny tree that is purple and gold in the office. Next year I'm trying to put together a patriotic tree, hence the attempt to get an ornament from every state