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Friday, May 8, 2009

My new computer

Well, I finally did it....I finally bought a Mac computer again. I was in need of a new computer because mine has been slowly dying. I am a die-hard PC person. I have had an iMac before, one of those alien purple pod looking things. I absolutely hated the operating system. Easy to operate...yeah right! I know the ins and outs of a PC. I know where to find things and how to fix things. Macs? Not so much.

So...Adam and I were price shopping online and the best deal was an iMac. *sigh. With all of the rebates and offers that we got online, we couldn't pass it up. I have warned Adam that he better hope that I love my new computer because if I hate the Mac, he will NEVER live it down. Oh, in case you aren't aware, Adam is a die-hard Mac person. Honestly, the man should be getting a kick back from the company because he talks them up so much. He has sold a lot of Macs to people because of his knowledge and love for the brand.

Here is a picture of all the new stuff that my lovely FedEx and UPS men brought me. Yes, you do see Six mice in the picture. The five mice that are lined up were free. Each one of them has a $20 rebate. Wahooo! Free $100 right there. We are giving the mice to the theatre for them to use in the offices. The majority of the other programs had full rebates on them too.

So far I am not loving the Parallels program. It's doing something funky with my AOL and is starting to annoy me. Granted, it was a free program but STILL, it should work. Grrrrr
I am liking the speed for little things like playing Farmtown on Facebook. YES, it is a stupid game but I LIKE IT! The entire game is Flash and is much easier to play on the iMac...the 24" screen doesn't hurt either.

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