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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day at Silver Dollar City

We had a family reunion of sorts on July 25th of this year. It was nice to meet more of the extended Hughes clan. One of our activities included going to Silver Dollar City. It's always a lot of fun, has tons of amazing food AND it's free for us. Ya can't beat that! We went during KidsFest, hence all of the fun and colorful photo ops. =)

As we were leaving the parking lot we got hit by another car. =(
My poor Forester got a tad smashed up in the front. The nice thing was...we are in the Ozarks! Translation...nice people everywhere. The couple that hit us were really nice and admitted that they were at fault. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and talked for a bit. They were on vacation for the weekend. We gave them tickets to our show because we felt bad about everything. Since the fender bender the car has been fixed and we have exchanged emails. They are hoping to come back to see our Christmas Show this year. =)

I always seem to be doin' the Asian Squat.

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