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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pictures of our tomato plants

Several of you have wanted me to post pictures of our tomato garden you go!
The top picture is a close-up of our Sweet 100 Cherry tomato plant. It is now 8 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. This year we planted 8 different tomato plants, 2 of them cherry tomatoes...Sweet 100s and a yellow pear shaped one. These 2 plants are seriously out of control. The yellow pear ones are now reaching to all sides of the grow box. We got a little lazy in our maintenance so it turned into a bush/tree. Oops
This is what a few of them looked like at 1 month.

A view of the Sweet 100 plant

I have to stretch and reach to grab the top ones now
This was taken a few weeks ago. It may be more than 8 feet by now. Hmmm, I guess I should measure it again this week.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pot plants!