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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canning tomatoes

We have been busy canning a lot of our tomatoes. At the moment we think we have harvested at least 150 pounds. Pretty amazing for 8 plants! Our latest canning adventure involved salsa and pizza sauce. Mmmmmm

Adam is a huge salsa eater and we wanted to try and make our own. I found a few recipes and we combined them, thus creating our own little experiment. Note to self, don't use as much vinegar next time. We used 11 pounds of tomatoes for the salsa and a ton of other veggies. Adam had fun chopping up a pound of jalapeno peppers and I made a nice mess with the tomatoes.
My favorite thing that we have canned is the pizza sauce. Serious NOMage. Nom nom nom
I found a mix and it tastes great....simple too. LOVE that! All you do is blanch, peel and core 6 pounds of tomatoes, Whiz them up and toss them into a pot. Add 5 Tbs of sugar and the packet. Bring to boil and then simmer for 25 minutes. I think the process time was 40 minutes. Sooo much easier than canning tomatoes plain. We made pizzas on Greek pitas and used Havarti Cheese. OH MY GOODNEEESSSS, AMAZING! Next time we'll add more toppings and go all out.

As per usual, I was a klutz and got a steam burn while checking on the boiling canning pot. I just wouldn't be me if I didn't injure myself in some way. The best part was that the next day, during our show, I scratched it with my nail during a dance. All downhill from there. *sigh

On the upside...we have yummy tomato products for the following year. We're going to do more pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and plain tomatoes in the next month.

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