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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poor Man's Sled

We got a whopping 8 inches of snow in Branson. Well it was supposed to be 8-12 inches. I'm not quite sure how much we ACTUALLY got so I'm just saying 8 inches. For the first time in 8 years, the hill next to our house was untouched. No kids had used their sleds on it and it was nice and pristine. The sun was out and the snow was calling. WAHOOOO! Perfect for sledding! I have NEVER been sledding. Before you all gasp in horror, don't forget that I grew up next to the beautiful, WARM Pacific Ocean in Sunny So Cal! SO, as I was saying...sledding! Wahooooo! Ummmm, we have no sled though....and all the sleds in Branson have been sold out for weeks. DOH! I posted a comment on Twitter and Facebook to get some ideas. I also called Cindy to see if her kids could think of anything. After looking around the house we came up with 3 things. A Laundry Basket, a plastic lid to a Rubbermaid box and a piece of wood.
The laundry basket and the plastic lid didn't work very well because the snow was too deep! Well, that and the fact that the hill probably wasn't steep enough. Adam had to push me and I still only made it about 15 feet before I toppled over. The plastic lid did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The wood board worked the best. Adam covered it with a trash bag and drilled 2 holes into it. We didn't have any rope ( who doesn't have rope?) so he found an old extension cord that didn't work anymore, and cut off a piece. Voila, sled. We didn't make it all the way down the hill but it was still fun! I can now say that I have been sledding...kind of. Next year we are buying a sled so that we will have one for moments like this.

Walking down the hill to our house with our MacGuyver-ed Sled.

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Elly Rose said...

Now this looks like fun. I haven't been on a sled for years. But I grew up in the foothills of Mt. Hood, so I have been down a few slopes in a toboggan. Thanks for sharing this fun day