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Saturday, July 17, 2010

7/9/2010 Garden Update

The dates will be a little off for the next few blog posts because I have been sick this past week. It's been loads of fun coughing and gagging. I've been battling a chest cold for the entirety and a couple of days ago I decided to add an anaphylactic reaction to the mix. I was sucking on some honey lozenges and found out that I am allergic to bee pollen. DOH! My throat keeps twitching and muscle spasm-ing. Not fun. Everything seems to being almost gone (knock on wood) so....yay!

This top picture is right below the melons. Every year they tend to go over the wall and I a need to put them on the ledge. You can see a few up there.
This cool melon is an Orangelo Watermelon. It's much bigger now. I'll try to post those pics soon. The inside flesh is bright orange. I can't wait to cut this baby open!
The first cantaloupe since the groundhog attack.
This one is still the biggest melon. This is called an Ali Baba Watermelon.
Our harvest that day. Chinese Red Noodle Beans and cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes are starting to grow like crazy now. They plants are around 7 feet at the moment. =)

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