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Friday, August 13, 2010

8/13/2010 Garden Update

We picked 3 more watermelons today. Adam carried the bigger ones. =) These ones are the Heirloom Missouri Yellow Flesh Watermelons. Hopefully they are as yummy as "the Bean".
This is the main section of our melons that are left to harvest. To the right was where the Golden ones were and to the right of those are the Ali Babas and the Orangelos. These are the Crimson Sweets and the Missouri Yellows.
This was the biggest of the day! The other ones were 22.2 lbs and 15.8 lbs. As per usual, as kitty must be in the picture. This time Chewie wanted camera time.
Kahlan having fun on her new toys.
This was the cutting of "the Bean" AKA the Jelly Belly Melon from a few days ago. It was yummy!!!!

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