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Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9/2010 Garden Update

This update will be all about the watermelons. =) We picked all of the Royal Golden Watermelons. They look pretty cool when you slice them open because the rinds are nice and golden yellow while the flesh is red. We are trying to avoid the crows attacking them, as usual, hence the newspaper in the background of the picture. We wrapped them for a few days since I didn't have time to buy the bird netting. It actually worked! I forgot to wrap our one cantaloupe and it was attacked....the watermelons were unscathed.
We picked a total of 5 Royal Goldens. The largest one was 20.4 pounds.
We also picked an Ali Baba Watermelon AKA my Jelly Belly Watermelon. We are waiting to cut this baby up...we need to finish the one we cut up yesterday. TeeHee
Jelly Belly was a whopping 28.6 pounds. Every single one of the pictures that we have taken, while weighing a watermelon, comes complete with Kahlan.
I finally had a chance to go to Home Depot to pick up the bird netting. Adam had to pound the metal poles in with the back of an axe. Wahoooo. We tied the netting to the poles and are hoping that this will be enough to keep the crows out.

We found a cute bunny amongst the melons today. Unfortunately he is eating the plants. Grrrrrr. Shotgun anyone???

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