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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Team RadioShack Goodies

Here are a few pictures of the Team RadioShack Goodies that I received from my friends a little over a month ago. I have AMAZING friends!

It all started when Team RadioShack posted that they were having a team signing at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, TX. Six riders from the team were going to be there AND they were going to be giving away a special gift to the first 28 people in line! WHAT ?!?! So....the wheels started spinning and stopped on Greg. Greg is the one person I know who lives in Austin. Thankfully I have known him since 1987 and I knew I could ask him for this huge favor. I wasn't positive he would be able to and wasn't sure if he would be willing because he isn't a crazed cycling fan, like myself. Luckily he is a wonderful and willing friend. He actually had a birthday party that he needed to go to but decided to stop by early to see if there was already a line. When he got there they were handing out tickets to people and he got a ticket....a GREAT that was low enough to get this mystery gift. YES!!!

So, Greg was able to get a "28" jersey signed for me AND the gift signed too. What was the gift? It was a "28" podium cap that they team wore in the Tour de France. SO COOL! SO, only the team has them and 27 other people. WAHOOOOO!

In case you were wondering which riders were at the signing:
Jani Brajkovic
Markel Irizar
Ben King
Jason McCartney
Yaroslav Popovych
Bjorn Selander

Amazingly enough, I got a few more goodies. My friend, Char, whom I met back in the Team Discovery Days on the message boards, was also in Austin that weekend. She grabbed me a couple of goodies also. Thanks Char! I love them! She sent me a poster and a Livestrong Handkerchief. =)

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