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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Legend of Kung Fu Show

I blogged about wanting to see The Legend of Kung Fu show January this year and finally got a chance this month. In November I kept running into the cast at Tanger Mall or at the Wal-Mart's pretty easy to spot them....that whole shaved head thing.

My first run-in was at Tanger. I was getting my coupon book and a few of them were in line waiting to purchase them too. I get mine for free and wanted to give them one but...being the pathetic Chinese person that I am, I can't speak very much. I understand Chinese but can't actually speak it that well. What I CAN speak has an embarrassingly bad American accent. UGH. It took me a couple of minutes but I finally conveyed to them that I wanted to give them one of the books for free.

After that I kept seeing them on Tuesdays. Apparently that is their day off and they go to the Supercenter around noon. I usually went after our morning show, hence the bumping into them. We didn't start doing morning shows until November so that's why I never saw them before. I just figured that out as I was typing the previous sentence. LOL

Forty of the cast members came to see our show and we loved it. I loved it. I love seeing "my people" in the audience, especially a HUGE group of them. They were the perfect audience! I saw them before the show and talked with a few of them, mainly the five that spoke English. I also went out at intermission to meet a few more of them and our family and their cast all took pictures after the show. There are a few boys in their cast and the oldest member is 30. A couple of their boys did a few tricks and our little guys tried to do those tricks after they left. TeeHee.

Our family finally got a chance to see their show a couple of weeks ago. AMAZING!!! I love martial arts so I was loving every minute of it. If you haven't seen their show....GO! Well, you'll have to wait until the Spring because they all went home a couple of days ago, but go next year!
I plan on seeing their show again and can't wait to see them running around town again.

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