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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great gift idea

For my friends who know KNOW that I love to shop. =) I love finding great deals and especially love finding that perfect gift. With the holidays here and a new year just around the corner, full of special occasions, I thought I would share my friend's website with you all.

Sweetheart Silver has a wonderful line of handmade jewelry for men and women. Each piece is hand stamped and carries a special message. I ordered the one at the top of my post. All of them come packaged in a silver organza cute is that? You can also choose to have them gift wrapped in glossy white paper, silver sticker, organza pouch, box and gift card. Because I am a huge supporter of Livestrong, I chose to get the "Fight like a Girl" design, in support of breast cancer. I also like it because, well....girls rock! Yep, we're tough...ya hear that guys?! By the way, that perfect pink ribbon is not soldered to the oval. It's a separate pendant so it has movement. LOVE THAT!

Here is another design that I absolutely adore and want if I ever get pregnant. I think this would be the perfect gift for an expecting mother. It's original and personal.
This one is called "I love you". No explanations necessary. =)

It's fun looking at all of the designs and reading the meanings behind them. If you are a guy looking for a simple yet classy piece of jewelry for your gal, I recommend reading the descriptions and messages of each piece of jewelry. Heck, you can tell her the meaning behind the piece you bought her and she will be amazed at your thoughtfulness.

In addition to the necklaces she also makes, earrings, bracelets and pet tags. If you are in sorority or fraternity she even has Greek letters. Great big/little sister gift in my opinion!

As I was looking at the website tonight I also noticed that she has a fund-raising program for non-profit, public or private school, club or organizations. I may be looking into that myself.

As an even bigger incentive to check out her site, I have a coupon for you all to use. You will get 10% off of your orders if you use the code "branson". The code is in all lowercase letters and has NO quotation marks.

What are you waiting for? Go check out her website!

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