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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Netbook Drama

It all started on Black Friday. I decided that I wanted to get a netbook so that I would be able to blog more frequently and efficiently. Yes, I have a small laptop, but I figured this would be easier to bring to the theatre. Also, because it was such a great price, I could bring it to the theatre without having to worry about one of the kids accidentally destroying it. (Yes, that is a valid reason)

So....after our Thanksgiving Festivities I decided to run to Michael's to stock up on yarn and then make a quick trip to Best Buy to check out the line. Several members of my family were planning on going there later to stand in line but I figured I should check to see if there was a line forming. A lot of the teens in our family were planning on getting the same netbook and we weren't sure how many were actually going to be available.

When I got there I saw around 10 people in line and decided that I should hold our spot in line. I can not even describe to you how FREEZING it was out there. I wasn't prepared to stand in line for a couple of hours. I did have a jacket and a scarf however, had I known I would be out there, many more layers would have been worn. The first people in line had a tent with a space heater inside of it. It was THAT cold. I have to admit, it was pretty funny when the family pulled up. They brought the motor home so that people could take shifts warming up and taking naps. I still think it would have been great to bring the Tour Bus. LOL

Long story short, I got my netbook. YAY! ....or so I thought.

This was going to be my Chrsitmas present from my parents so it was going to be wrapped up and put under the tree. Luckily I decided to try it out and make sure that everything was working. NOPE. I had a burned out pixel. Loooovely. Back to Best Buy I went. They were sold out of the Netbooks by that time and apparently this is an item they don't normally carry. It is something that was made for the Black Friday sale. They told me that it had to be sent back to the manufacturer and it would probably just take a couple of weeks. HA! It took 4 weeks to get it back. When it was back they called over the phone said that they had run tests and everything seemed to be working fine. HA....AGAIN!

Silly me, I trusted them and took it home without testing it in the store. As soon as I got home I fired it up and....another dead pixel PLUS the screen wouldn't even turn on if it was tilted all the way back. Lucky me, now I had a dead pixel AND a short in the screen. Back to Best Buy I went. Once again I was told that I had to send it back but that they would expedite it. Fancy way of saying that it would be shipped out quickly but that it would still have to go through the same process as last time.

Needless to say, it did not make it under the Christmas Tree. I just got it back a few days ago and for now it's working great. I'm hoping it'll stick this time. as I was editing this post my netbook decided to randomly shut down and update. Hmmmmm

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