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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Amazing Dudu Fisher

We got a great surprise tonight at our show.....Dudu Fisher was in our audience! For those of you who aren't familiar with his name, he is an AMAZING singer and performer. He is most known for playing Jean Valjean ( Les Miserables) on Broadway. You can read about him on Wikipedia or visit his website to learn more about him. He also has albums on iTunes...I love the Broadway one.

I didn't know that he was in our audience until intermission, when Sarah came back to our dressing room and told us. As soon as I heard the news I have to admit that I was thrilled and then immediately nervous and suddenly dreading our Broadway section of our show. I have a short solo in one of the Broadway Medleys. The song that I sing? On My Own. ACK! Of course it has to be a song that he has heard a gazillion times while on stage in Israel, New York and London...sung by amazingly talented women. I'm using the word "amazing" a lot aren't I?
Thankfully I didn't mess up on the lyrics or trip on the stage. Yay!

After the show I was coming off the stage and walking towards where he was sitting so that I could meet him. Some of the brothers had already met him during intermission. Before I reached him he smiled and asked,"Why didn't you sing more of the song?" To which I answered,"Yeah right! I was nervous enough as it was!" I told him how I was kinda going," no no no no no" when I realized I was going to be singing that song in front of him. In case you haven't picked up on it yet...I still get nervous on stage at times.

He was fun to talk with. He commented on the show, the kids' talents, and asked about the sound and monitors because he noticed we didn't have in-ear monitors. Man, would we love to have those! We told him about the rehearsals and yes, the kids are all homeschooled. Yep, we have incredibly talented kids in our family. =)

Then he told us about how he started as a cantor in Israel, singing liturgical songs and went from there to doing Les Miserables. He said that the performance was in Hebrew. How cool is that? I would love to hear a recording of that. A producer ( I think it was a producer) from New York caught one of his shows and asked him to perform on Broadway and the rest is history. I believe he said he was in London in 1996. I missed it by 5 years. I saw it there in 1991 when I was on a trip with my mom.

If you haven't heard him sing, I encourage you to listen to some of his music. I love how expressive he is when singing the part of Jean Valjean.

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