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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My first official sled ride

I finally went sledding for the first time in my life. Yes, we attempted to sled last year but really....that didn't count because: 1) It wasn't on an actual sled and 2) We didn't really get that far down the hill. Apparently homemade sleds don't work as well.

We have had a lot of snow in the past month this year. Adam and a few members of our family members went out of town and were supposed to get back on Wednesday of last week...they didn't get back until Friday. They were stuck for two nights on the road because the Tour Bus was basically snowed in. Apparently the bus doesn't like the cold weather least the battery and the brake system on the bus don't. It took a little while for someone to come out and help them because of the weather and the numerous calls that they were getting.

The Midwest got pummeled with two storms in a row. In Branson, we got a nice few inches of icy rain before the snow came in. The two storms accumulated to 18" in a few parts of our yard. Needless to say, I didn't leave my house for about a week. I wanted to go sledding but wanted to wait for Adam to get into town so that we could take pictures.

The sleds that I ordered from Amazon arrived the day before this last storm. We got another 6 inches this time and we still had snow on the ground from the previous storms so.....plenty of snow to sled. YAY!

Oh, sidenote: There's nothing like climbing a hill several times in the snow, to show you how out of shape you are. When I fall on my face at the end while trying to get up....there was a big ol' rock that was hidden by the snow. DOH!
This is what it looked like the day that we went sledding. Adam had the snow thrower out and was doing our driveway, as well as a few neighbors. It was FUH-REEZING outside.
Our kitties decided to use the sleds as beds until we used them. The green one is mine and the blue one is Adam's. The red one is the extra one for friends to use. I'm thinking about somehow decorating it and making it a Liquigas Sled...seeing as it's already got the Green on it. =)

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