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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pointe Royale's Icy Duck Beach

We live in a Golf Community called Pointe Royale out here in Branson. Sorry Mom...she hates when I post things like that. Please don't come over and kill'll just prove her right and I just hate when that happens. It's no secret for most locals anyhow. Andy Williams and some of the Lennons also live in here, as all people that Ride the Ducks are told as they drive by on their way to the Dam so...really, I'm not telling you anything that the typical tourist wouldn't know. In addition, there is a guard shack at the front entrance and well....please don't forget that we are in the Ozarks...Most people out here own weapons so...yeah, you've been warned. Better mom?

Near the front of the complex is one of several ponds. In the winter this turns into an icy beach of sorts for the ducks to gather. I got a few strange looks as I pulled my car over to take a picture of this. Granted, it was pretty stinkin' cold so they were probably wondering why I was getting out of my car in the first place. Anywho, enjoy the pic.

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