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Sunday, January 11, 2009


For those of you that do not know me...I am a pack rat by nature. It's just something that has been part of my persona since I was a little kid. I actually have a few random things around here from when I was in grade school. In addition to that, I tend to collect things...with a passion. For example, I have a rather large collection of key chains of the places I have traveled. Another fact about myself, I love reading. I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. Now....add those two things together and you can only imagine my book collection.

I have literally over 1000 books in my collection. I have my own little library in our basement. Of course, some of these are children's books that I had from my childhood ( I told you I hoard things). I still remember reading a lot of these books as a child with my mom. Reading always brings back wonderful memories for me. Also, I am the type of person that must own every copy of a series if I like that series. I can't just read a book in a library and call it a day. Noooo, I need to go out and buy it for my collection. It needs to be there in case I want to read it again.

This past year I found a solution to my growing library. I love having my books but, let's face it, they take up a lot of room and goodness knows how fun it will be packing up these books if I ever move. This year I discovered eBooks (queue angels singing). What a wonderful invention!!! Now, instead of buying a book that will eventually collect dust, I can just have it as a file on my computer or digital reader. How cool is that? If you have a digital reader you can bring it with you anywhere. It's been great for meetings and appointments. I was raised to show up early to appointments so....what better way to spend that time waiting than by reading? It strengthens the brain and is much more impressive than playing on your phone or bringing a Nintendo DS around with you.

The best place that I have found to purchase my eBooks is . They have great prices and a great staff. I have had a few questions with a few purchases and have received responses on the same day. Amazing huh? You can also purchase gift certificates ( hint hint) and they also have fun contests on there. They had a great contest with Breaking Dawn. I actually won a prize on that one. wahoooo. Not only are eBooks more convenient, they are more affordable. Right now they have a few books online that are free, as well as several books on the New York Times Bestsellers List that are $9.79 or less. I don't know about you but I am a little short on cash after the holidays and I still need my book fix. =)

So, if you haven't looked into eBooks and you love reading as much as I do, you need to check them out. Booksonboard is a great place to start. Let me know if you have any questions at all. I'm all for helping someone else in sharing my addiction.

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Jen said...

The Amazon Kindle saved me!