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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first Mini Tweet-up

(Left to Right: Adam, Tessa, Anthony, Emeline, Me)

Tonight was my first mini Tweet-up. Yay!

What is a tweet-up you maybe asking yourself? Tweet-up is a coined word combining meet-up and Twitter. Basically, it's meeting up with people you have met on Twitter.

Now, in theory, I met Anthony through a great podcast called Nobody's Listening. It's a clean and funny podcast that I love listening to when I get a chance. You can also follow Nobody's Listening on Twitter. There are a bunch of us who follow the podcast on Twitter, hence meeting Anthony.

Anthony and his now fiance', Tess, came out to Branson this week. He proposed to her at the Branson Landing and they have been spending the week out here on vacation. Tonight they came to our show and we finally got to meet.

There is a point in our show where the Brothers sing a love song, It's Something That We Do. Before the song begins Jason likes to find out which couple in the audience has been married the longest. Tonight is was 67 years! After he talked to that couple he congratulated Anthony and Tess on their engagement and then dedicated the song to those two couples. Awwwwww

SO glad that we got to meet. They are wonderful people and an adorable couple.

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James said...

The power of the GOK!!

Really though... This is awesome. Something like this wouldn't have even been possible 10 years ago.