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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/8/2010 Garden Update

Here is the garden update so far. This year I tried to start things from seed. The tomatoes didn't work out. I had seedlings growing and put them outside to harden for a little bit. I had to run an errand that day and they died. DOH! The wind picked up when I was out and they were not so happy when I got home. Ah well. I had to buy 3 plants at Home Depot. The rest of the plants in the picture are plants that came back from last year's seeds. Wahooo! We actually pulled out about 60 plants....literally....because there were just too many. It looks like most of them are the cherry tomatoes: Sweet 100s and the yellow pear shaped ones. Hopefully we will have a few regular sized tomatoes. If not, there are always the 3 that I bought. Everything else in our garden was started from seed.
These are the turnips and the carrots. We already harvested our radishes last month. We also have beets and onions.
I always love taking pictures of our watermelons when they are small. These are all from direct seeding into the mounds. I planted 5 different kinds of watermelons, a green melon, cucumbers and cantaloupes.
It's been nice picking spinach every day for salads and sandwiches.
Here is one of out bush bean plants. If you look closely you can see a few beans. There are also pole beans, Sugar Snap Peas, and Daikon Radishes in this bed.

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Charlotte said...

Love it ... I saw two little bittie bell peppers on one plant last night ... they are so cute, I think that's why I like growing veggies .. well there's that whole eating part though!