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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kahlan, our newest baby kitty

Yep, we have another kitty in our household. Meet Kahlan...all 1.75 pounds of her. We caught her yesterday in our yard. For the past few days we have seen 4 kittens and their mom running around our backyard. Nothing like stray kitties in the summertime. Adam called me to the dining room when he noticed them and I saw her and wanted her immediately. I knew she was a girl, because she is a Tortoise Shell Calico...she was also the runt. For those of you that aren't familiar with the breed, they are almost always female. We tried to catch her that day but failed miserably.

The next day, yesterday, Adam called me on my cell and told me to come out to the wall where the groundhog used to live. He was out there watering the plants and she ran into the wall. You have to look closely to see her in the above picture. She trapped herself in the wall. Hehe

Now before any of you start thinking that I should have let her stay with her mom, trust me, she is waaaay better off with us. Outdoor pets aren't allowed in Pointe Royale and they were obviously strays. She was also the runt and teeny so she wasn't getting the nourishment that we can provide her with. She's going to have a cushy life like the other two spoiled furballs.
We tried to get her and I put a few treats out that she kept eating. She was starving. Eventually she went down into the wall even more, about 2-3 feet down. I looked at Adam and asked how hard it would be to de-construct the wall. He said it wouldn't be too bad SO....cue big smile with puppy dog eyes. =) I have THE BEST husband when it comes to catching kitties. In the past he has helped catch the strays by our theatre. We were on our backs, on top of fiberglass, reaching under a shed, for 4 hours in order to catch 4 kittens. We then took care of them and found them homes. We've found homes for several more kitties since then.

Eventually we caught her after she trapped herself in the lower corner. This was around 12:50 PM and I had to leave at 1:15 PM for our show. I ran inside and gave her a quick bath while Adam put the wall back together. Then he proceeded to find the extra litter box and helped me get the baby set up in a bathroom while we were gone.

The other kitties aren't too thrilled. Tigger isn't as bad. He is putting up with her and doesn't hiss, he just walks away. Chewie on the other hand....yikes. PSYCHO KITTY. He is hissing at me and attacking both of us if we smell like Kahlan. I literally have to wash my hands, under my nails, my arms and THEN I need to change any clothing that may have her scent. That is the only way he won't attack me. LOL

As for her name. I am a HUGE fan of Legend of the Seeker. For those of you that aren't familiar with it or read the books that it was based on. There is a character named Kahlan. She is the Mother Confessor and is an amazing character. Almost all confessors are female, just like Tortoise Shell Calicos. So...there ya have it.


Greg! said...

I just love her little face. Such a cutie! Hopefully Chewie gets over himself sooner rather than later.

Charlotte said...

So cute - I just love kitties and especially tortie shells .. I have a rescued tortie myself .. along with the other 4 rescues! Go Vikki!