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Sunday, June 27, 2010

WAHOOO iPhone 4 in hand!

Meet Bobby. I love Bobby. Perhaps not as much as his girlfriend loves him, but....there is a feeling of love there. I'm sure my husband will allow me this because he helped us get our brand new beautiful phones. Wahooooo! 32 GB iPhone 4 in hand. =)

On Saturday I was outside in the garden and came back inside to a message on my phone. It was from our local AT&T store...hmmmmm. I listened to the message and then gave a shout of joy. Adam and I were expecting the phones to come in next month because that is what the store was told, that the 32GB phone would not be in until next month. Well, apparently they got 2 random phones in on Saturday afternoon. GRIN. BIG GRIN. He said that he only got 2 phones in and that I was at the top of the list so....did we want them? There was a note that I wanted a white one so he wanted to know if I would prefer the black one. Both phones were on hold until he heard from me, we just had to let him know if we wanted 1 or 2 phones. I had to think about it for a bit. I really did want a white one however, I decided to get a black one too. I mean, c' I was going to be happy watching Adam play with his phone while I waited for another month. Uh huh.....Riiiiight.


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